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Interlude 1 Progress: 100% (Last Updated 8/3/2017)

The first interlude is out

Here is the first interlude in the story, it’s a little on the shorter side but it’s an interesting read, enjoy~ ^.^


Also, expect a bit of a delay for the next release! I overestimated how much time I had to work and couldn’t get it all to Kuro on time. But, I’ll talk to him about a double release next. No promises though 😉

Chapter 16-2 is up!

Hey guys, here is the rest of chapter 16 🙂


Also, there’s a nice treat from the author at the end!

Illustrations now included~

I’ve been working off of a version of the story that didn’t have the illustrations in there. So it has been going completely by me, but we have them now! Also Tomoaki Amagi has some photos that served as inspiration to the story, those will be included next time! Enjoy~

You may have seen a couple of these before, but here’s the chapters that have the illustrations:

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 15

Chapter 16


So far all of the illustrations are drawn by Mr. NAKA. If you want to see more of his work follow this link (opens in a new tab)

Links to the sources will also be included at the end of pages with photos and illustrations

Chapter 16-1 is out!

Hey, here’s the new release!

Also, there’s some good stuff to come later today! Check back in a couple hours~ 😉

Chapter 15-2 is out ^.^

Hey guys, this link SHOULD bring you to part 2 of chapter 15.

If it brings you to just the top of Chapter 15 just hit the [PART 2] button :p

Format Changes

Hey guys! I just fixed up the navigation and changed up the format of how we release chapters, starting from Chapter 13. If any of you follow Grimgar, you’ll probably recognize it. Thanks to Kuropi, he gave me the suggestion :p

Instead of creating a new page for each section, now I’ll be tacking the new parts onto one single page. Each section is marked out with [PART X]. Also, at the top of the page you’ll see new links to the different parts. These are just for ease of use (and the [PART 1] link is just for the sake of consistency xD).  If you notice any dead/broken/wrong links please let me know!

Sorry, but with how I was handling it before the comments on any part 2 or part 3 pages were deleted. But with this, that should be the last that it’ll happen! ^.^

Chapter 15-1 is up

Hey guys, here is the new chapter, hope you all enjoy it ^.^


I’ll be getting to cleaning up the navigation soon, it’s gotten a bit sloppy. I’d imagine that it’s difficult to get to the new stuff for mobile users, sorry about that!