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Chapter 12 Progress: 100% (Last Updated 1/12/2017)

12-3 is up!

Hey all, we’re back and now we’re on track again! Just note that the new release schedule will be Thursdays to better fit Kuro-pi and my schedule. I’ll try to be getting these out around noon (est), but since it’s in between classes I may get caught up with something and can’t get home to update it until later at night.

But anyway, here is the end of chapter 12, enjoy!

12-2 is (finally) out!

Hey guys, finally back with another release. We aren’t dead, surprise! Here is the link you can just follow to read the new release :p

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, my next semester is going to be considerably easier, so we should be back on schedule in the start of next year. Can’t wait for the regular releases (I like reading the story just like you guys :p).

Schedule Change

Hey guys, so I’ve been having trouble making time to translate as much as I would like. Unfortunately, I have too many credits, too many projects, and not enough time (I’m a senior in college, lots of stuff needs to get done).

Now, I’m not dropping the project. However, I won’t be able to release every other week like we have been (also, this is why I haven’t been able to get you guys the other release).

So, I hope that you all understand and keep reading! As long as I do well in classes it shouldn’t be as rough next semester and we can get back on track 🙂

Chapter 12-1 is out!

Hey guys, here’s the weekly release :p

Also, please read the following blog post as well (I’m making it separate so it’s not accidentally glossed over).

Chapter 11-3 is out!

Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t post around noon like I usually do, my class schedule kind of messes that up now. But here’s the release!

Chapter 11-2 is out!

Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long! We’re still working on making up that chapter that we missed last release, I’m sorry!! m(_ _)m

But I hope you all enjoy this one!

Short Notice

Hey guys, I’m sorry to say that this next release is going to have to be postponed a little bit (>.<)

I don’t have an ETA on when it will be released, but as soon as I can I will put it up. I wound up getting the translation to my editor a bit late this time D:

Sorry guys! If you have something set up so that when a blog post is made, you should be able to see when it’s up right away! But I am already underway on the next one, so worry not! ^.^