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Chapter 14 Progress: 40% (Last Updated 3/16/2017)

Delays >.<

Hey guys, I should have posted this sooner, but expect some delays for a little bit. I’m scrambling around with school right now and am actually in a little danger of failing a class. Which would mean another semester (oh please no.. no more). Sorry to have another late release >.<

14-1 is now up ^.^

Hey guys, 14-1 is up now, thanks for hanging in there!

Sorry D:

Hey guys, there was a little miscommunication on when me and kuro had our week off (we coincidentally both were taking a week off for different reasons) and they happened to be at the same time. Sorry! We’ll be posting the new release up this coming Thursday!

Chapter 13-3 is out!

Hey guys, just put out 13-3 ^.^

This one is a bit smaller than normal, but that’s only because I suck at estimating how long it’ll be in English from Japanese >.>

So, for the next release we’ll be putting out a large chunk of Chapter 14! 🙂

Chapter 13-2 is up!

Hey guys, here’s the next part of chapter 13, enjoy! 🙂

Chapter 13-1 is out :)

Hey guys, here’s the next release :p

This was one of those cases where I couldn’t post it up during my break in between classes, I don’t really have anyway to tell when it’ll happen. Sorry for the delay!


P.S: I’m going to clean up chapters 11 and 12 now to make the navigation less cluttered, so expect some links to/from those to be wonky for a little

12-3 is up!

Hey all, we’re back and now we’re on track again! Just note that the new release schedule will be Thursdays to better fit Kuro-pi and my schedule. I’ll try to be getting these out around noon (est), but since it’s in between classes I may get caught up with something and can’t get home to update it until later at night.

But anyway, here is the end of chapter 12, enjoy!