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Chapter 18 Progress: 67% (Last Updated 10/19/2017)

Chapter 18-3 is up ^.^

Hey guys, hope everyone’s having a good day so far :p

Enjoy the rest of chapter 18 here!

Chapter 18-2 is up!

The next part of chapter 18 is out ^.^

Chapter 18-1 is out ^.^

Hey, sorry about that delay! Here is the new chapter~

Next release to be posted in a few days

Hey guys, just a quick little update about the regular schedule. This one is going to run a little late, it’ll probably be up this Monday/Tuesday.

Sorry for the extra wait, hang in there a little longer! m(_ _)m

Chapter 17 is out! Woohoo :p

Hey guys, 17 is finally out. We’re just going to put it all as one big section 🙂

Double Release this Thursday

So, I was away in Japan for 3 weeks and due to the lack of time before I left, we weren’t able to prepare sufficient material to cover the entire length of my trip.  I only got back like a week ago, but we’ll be releasing the entire chapter 17 on Thursday which covers 2 of our normal releases to make up for the lack of chapters the last month.  Sorry about the wait!

The first interlude is out

Here is the first interlude in the story, it’s a little on the shorter side but it’s an interesting read, enjoy~ ^.^


Also, expect a bit of a delay for the next release! I overestimated how much time I had to work and couldn’t get it all to Kuro on time. But, I’ll talk to him about a double release next. No promises though 😉