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Project on hold indefinitely

I’m sure at this point this won’t come as a surprise to most of the people following us after such a long period of time with no update, but I unfortunately have to declare this project dead unless another translator with sufficient skill is willing to step forward to replace Cyneris.

The last I talked to him was when we posted the last progress update and the PDF for part 1. At that point real life was getting pretty stressful for him and he had also just discovered there was a many months long hiatus in updates to the Japanese original web novel with the author saying he was taking a break to try and rekindle his motivation to continue the series.  Translating is a very time consuming task and that information combined with real world stress probably killed his motivation to continue. I haven’t received any replies to attempts at communication with him since then, but I think it’s safe to say that even if I did at this point, it’s unlikely that he is interested and/or able to continue to work on the series.

Personally, I would like to continue working on the series, and if somebody with sufficient skill were to step forward and take over, I would continue to supervise and edit the project.  Unfortunately, while my own Japanese skills are far better than your average weeb, nevermind your average person, I still feel they are woefully inadequate for me to personally take over the translation of a project of this scale.  Even if I were to make an attempt, the time it would take me to translate would be many many times longer than what it took Cyneris due to the amount of time I would need to spend looking up words and kanji I don’t know, not to mention idioms and other wordplay. In addition, my writing skills aren’t nearly as good as his, so there would be a significant drop in the quality of the writing, most likely.

While I won’t completely rule the possibility out, at some point in the future, I do not have the sheer amount of free time this would require of me not to mention the attention span (I have ADHD) and I am not willing to make any kind of commitment to anything of this nature, so please don’t get your hopes up.  If I do, one day, post something, or somebody fills the position and the project resumes, I’ll be sure to update the page on novel updates for those of you that follow that site (and of course here).

I am sorry to have to bring you this news, no matter how much it was probably expected by many of you at this point.  I enjoyed working on this project, and for those of you that made regular posts and comments, it was extremely nice to see they were largely positive and constructive, which is a large contrast to comments I often see on other translation projects complaining about slow speed etc. so thank you for being a much better group of readers than what I am used to seeing for fan translated work, and thank you for reading and supporting our work for all of this time until now.


PDF and EPUB Now Available

Hey everyone its ya boy DevilHands here, coming at you LIVE from somewhere on the earth.

It sure has been awhile since we last met, you look good today! Is that a new haircut? I hope you’re doing well.

Today we have the long-ish awaited Arc 1 compilation of the Vermillion, we hope that give it a read.

I had a good amount of fun putting this one together, since the translation is based on the WN, it didn’t have an original cover. So rather than using the one from the LN I decided to just make one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it.

As always big shout outs to Cyneris and Kuro-pi for their work on this arc, I’m certainly looking forward to the next one.

Also big thanks to web novel illustrator NAKA-SAN for giving us permission for use of their illustrations. You can them and more of their work over here on Pixiv.


Until next time, stay frosty out there.

– DH


Update (4)

Hey guys! While the PDF itself isn’t out yet, the content was cleaned up a good bit.

I just replaced the first 15 chapters content and removed the [PART X] links from them as well.

Thank you everybody for keeping patient while things get sorted out 🙂

Update (3)

So, edits for the PDF/epub have been finalized and are in the typesetting process. (please don’t ask for a timeline because I’m not sure, depends how busy the typesetter is IRL)  You can rest assured that once they’re done, there will be a big message on this page and some links.  You’ll be like, the fifth people to know. The current chapters up to the end of chapter 15 will be updated with all the changes that were made sometime in the next week and Cynaris will let you guys know with a message here when he’s done.  Once all that is done, we’ll be talking about when to continue the translation, but it should be soon(tm).

In the meantime, go watch/read that wotaku ni koi wa muzukashii anime/manga (it’s a really funny romcom for geeks and it’s NOT a school setting, thank god) or read the webnovel for Battle Through the Heavens or The King’s Avatar or something (they’re both good, google them). The 1500+ chapters for those should keep you busy till we start translating again =p


Update (2)

While no regular chapters will be coming out until Cyneris gets his new job sorted out, the chapters of arc 1 will slowly be updated on the site fixing a *lot* of tense issues (changing many things from present to past tense: how it should have been to start with, sorry guys, my bad) and all kinds of other grammar and flow issues.  Once this is all done, we’ll be releasing a PDF for the first arc for your reading pleasure.  While I don’t have a definite timeline for when that will come out, it is being worked on while we’re on hiatus.


Hey all,

Just wanted to let you guys know that the releases will not be coming out temporarily.

This is just due to my personal situation. I just started a new job, and with the current commute I don’t have any time to do anything. I’m looking to move soon, so once I sort that out I’ll be able to start back up again. Unfortunately right now I don’t have an ETA on when things will be back on track, but it shouldn’t take a really long time.

Once everything is settled I’ll make sure to make another post to let you all know when to expect more chapters 🙂

If you’re going to watch it then enjoy the superbowl!

Chapter 21-3 is up!

Hey guys, the rest of chapter 21 is out now 🙂