PDF and EPUB Now Available

Hey everyone its ya boy DevilHands here, coming at you LIVE from somewhere on the earth.

It sure has been awhile since we last met, you look good today! Is that a new haircut? I hope you’re doing well.

Today we have the long-ish awaited Arc 1 compilation of the Vermillion, we hope that give it a read.

I had a good amount of fun putting this one together, since the translation is based on the WN, it didn’t have an original cover. So rather than using the one from the LN I decided to just make one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it.

As always big shout outs to Cyneris and Kuro-pi for their work on this arc, I’m certainly looking forward to the next one.

Also big thanks to web novel illustrator NAKA-SAN for giving us permission for use of their illustrations. You can them and more of their work over here on Pixiv.


Until next time, stay frosty out there.

– DH


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6 thoughts on “PDF and EPUB Now Available

  1. My first ever PDF/epub as supervisor. Thanks to devilhands for his work typesetting everything and fixing a few errors that showed up the first time we tried. Thanks to Ayumi for all the hard work fixing all the tenses to be consistent with how we translate everything now. Thanks to Cyneris for translating the series. And thanks to Tomoaki Amagi for writing the whole story in the first place!


  2. Hey…. I’m drunk af btw so I’m sorry for the mistakes. First of all, I wanna apologize cuz I don’t advice of my work. I’m actually an eng-spanish translator that was using your work without consent. Before me, there was another group that was translating Vermillion to Spanish and I don’t know if that group had permission for translate it. En fin, I just wanted to advise u’all that in bluesphoenix-translations.com I’m working with your translation. Greetings for BPT and congratulations for the first pdf bros!


    • I talked to Cyneris and we don’t really care if you translate from our version, but in the future you should definitely ask because some people might care. It would be nice if you would provide a link to our translation and the original web novel with your translation.

      Original novel in Japanese: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n0088bq/
      our site: https://vermillionthetranslation.wordpress.com/

      And I see you’ve already linked NAKA-san’s pixiv on your site, so that’s fine.

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      • Oh, well. Yeah, I’m ashamed of that. It’s was a mess back then, but now everything is in order on my side. Also, in the index Un the page I already put links that leads to your website and to the syosetu of the author. Once again, I’m sorry and thank you for kindness. Greetings from BluePhoenix btw

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