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The Western VRMMO 『Demondal』was known for its extraordinarily harsh game system. To start, there were no levels. There were no skills. There were no guilds. There was no inventory. There were no convenient messaging or map functions of any kind. It was so unnecessarily realistic that it was basically a VR life simulator. The only game-like elements were proficiencies gained from wielding weapons and enhancing one’s physical strength. Since it was a fantasy game, magic did exist, although making a contract with a spirit was exceedingly difficult; only one percent of the player population were magicians. One day, the protagonist Kei, known for his mastery of horseback archery in the realistically medieval virtual world of 『Demondal』, and his Russian friend were transported to a parallel world. The originally severe game had just become more severe.


Team Vermillion Biographies

cynerisTranslator — Cyneris

Hey everbody! My name is Cyneris, a fledgling of a translator for NanoDesu Translations. I am currently still in the NDA project, but am expecting to graduate soon. Currently, I am a college student who does college student things. My major is Computer Science and I’m also aiming for a Game Development minor.

During my high school years I was actually able to study abroad in Japan. Needless to say, this added fuel to the fire. After having my fair share of manga, novels, and anime, I figured that I should contribute to the community as well.

So here’s my hand at that! My first translation project will be Vermillion (go check it out!). I saw it high up in one of the polls, checked it out, and found out it was pretty good!



kuro-piEditor and Supervisor — Kuro-pi

Hey guys, I go by Kuro-pi (or just Kuro) online. As you’d probably expect, I’m a huge geek. I’ve always been into video games, and then later, anime, and manga, and more recently light novels and the occasional visual novel.

I’m a little OCD so when I would find spelling or grammar errors in the stuff I was reading, I’ve always had an itch to fix them, so it was probably only a matter of time before I offered up my services to those demigod-like beings that somehow decipher the mysterious moonrunes and turn them into something I can actually read. After all, being as into all this stuff as I am, I’ve also wanted to help put it out there for others, partly as thanks to all those people who did it for me.
Well, I finally went and applied, and I’m quite thankful to have been offered a position of editor. I am very excited to be here, as this is something totally new for me, and I am studying Japanese myself, so maybe in a couple years I’ll be one of the people deciphering those moonrunes directly for all of you eagerly awaiting fans.

Update: Since Sora was in the wrong timezone, we fired him, and I somehow let myself be talked into a “promotion.”  Yay me.

16 thoughts on “About This Translation

  1. Team Vermilion, I love you guys *cries* At long last, a translation! I’ve been reading it in Japanese, but there’s just not the same level of comprehension.

    This series is really unique in a bunch of ways, so I’m looking forward to how it’s received in English as well.


    • While we’ll make PDFs at some point, I’m not sure exactly when. We’re translating a web novel, so there aren’t really “volumes” persay. We’ll probably wait until the end of the second major arc before we consider epubs or pdfs though.

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  2. Cyneris, how many hours have you studied Japanese? I can’t imagine this translation is done with a machine translator because the quality is so high.

    I’ve considered getting into fanslating myself, and I figured I’d ask the people who, in my opinion, have the highest quality fanslating I’ve seen what their actual knowledge in the Japanese language was.


    • I’m not sure how long Cyneris has studied, but I’ve been seriously studying over a year (and know over 1000 kanji) and my comprehension still isn’t high enough to give the same level of translation that Cyneris does with all the correct nuance here.


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