Format Changes

Hey guys! I just fixed up the navigation and changed up the format of how we release chapters, starting from Chapter 13. If any of you follow Grimgar, you’ll probably recognize it. Thanks to Kuropi, he gave me the suggestion :p

Instead of creating a new page for each section, now I’ll be tacking the new parts onto one single page. Each section is marked out with [PART X]. Also, at the top of the page you’ll see new links to the different parts. These are just for ease of use (and the [PART 1] link is just for the sake of consistency xD).  If you notice any dead/broken/wrong links please let me know!

Sorry, but with how I was handling it before the comments on any part 2 or part 3 pages were deleted. But with this, that should be the last that it’ll happen! ^.^

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5 thoughts on “Format Changes

  1. Haro~ (=hello. sorry, have been reading Little Busters for the last hours). Thanks for the hard work!

    Just wanted to ask, so now we get a page per chapter, is that right? Won’t that impede us to get notifications though? Oh, and I’m not sure if you were referring to this, but the page for “Chapters 0 to 5” and “Chapters “6 to 10” in the horizontal bar don’t show chapters when clicking on them (not on the dropped choices, but on the write). Chapters 0 to 5 has the first three though (in its page I mean).

    Once again, my gratitude.


    • Sorry, I didn’t get to those ones yet :p
      The buttons at the top will be done in the next hour-ish, right now I have Chapter 11 to 15 done for those.

      I believe that blog posts also trigger notifications, but I don’t really know for sure. Someone asked me to do a blog post whenever I update so they could get notified. I’ll continue to post that a new update has been released through a blog and then tack it on to the existing page. So if you don’t get notifications for a new blog post, try seeing if there is an option for that.

      I don’t know how it all works myself, but let me know if you have problems ^^


      • Oh, don’t worry. I’m just nitpicking. Not to mention, I totally feel the pain of “customizing” a WordPress layout/site. I’ve spent hours and still done pretty much nothing on mine.

        Oh, then everything is fine. I didn’t get that you would make a post for each update too. In this case, we (WP users) will get the notifications too.

        Now everything works. Thanks for the hard work!


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