12-2 is (finally) out!

Hey guys, finally back with another release. We aren’t dead, surprise! Here is the link you can just follow to read the new release :p

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, my next semester is going to be considerably easier, so we should be back on schedule in the start of next year. Can’t wait for the regular releases (I like reading the story just like you guys :p).

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3 thoughts on “12-2 is (finally) out!

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  2. …I can foretell some kind of attempt by Danny to add Aileen to his conquests(rapes) while his wife attempts to seduce/maybe assassinate Kei. There’s no way that pair won’t try something to get Aileen and rob/kill off Kei. Except he’ll rip them apart…and he is strong enough to literally do so. Why must there always be some pervert with too much power trying to rape a girl. This plot point is one I’m rather sick of.


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