Schedule Change

Hey guys, so I’ve been having trouble making time to translate as much as I would like. Unfortunately, I have too many credits, too many projects, and not enough time (I’m a senior in college, lots of stuff needs to get done).

Now, I’m not dropping the project. However, I won’t be able to release every other week like we have been (also, this is why I haven’t been able to get you guys the other release).

So, I hope that you all understand and keep reading! As long as I do well in classes it shouldn’t be as rough next semester and we can get back on track 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Schedule Change

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  2. Bro, don’t even worry about it. All you really had to do was say that you’re a bit overwelmed with real life. We aren’t about to riot cause we didn’t get a chapter (Well, people might have if you didn’t say anything). Hopefully everything dies down for you.


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