Quick Notice

Hey guys, just giving you a quick heads up on what’s going on. This monday we are not releasing a new chapter (sorry!).Due to some special circumstances (like vacations and stuff) we’ll be doing a double release on the following release date. Sorry to make you guys wait even longer! >.<

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    • This is a web novel. As such, there are no “volumes” per say. When the time comes, we’ll decide a point to cut at to make an epub, but if we go by the standards of most of the other light novels on the site for length, we won’t have the content for a “volume” for about a year after the initial release.


  2. Sorry guys. I was in Jamaica for 2 weeks for my brother’s wedding and was then down in the San Jose area for the Fanime convention and meeting up with The Great Nano himself. (and for Reference, I live in Calgary AB Canada) so yeah. However, this upcoming release will be a more than double length release, to make it up to you guys!

    And yes, I had fun and enjoyed myself, aside from taking my phone swimming with me, but that’s okay cause I bought a shiny new galaxy s7 edge when I got back.

    Despite my editing of Grimgar and Vermillion, I’m sure most of you noticed that you rarely see me around. Between trying to avoid spoilers for Grimgar and all the editing I do, by the time the chapters go live, I’ve already read them so many times I really don’t want to see them anymore, so I rarely come by after things get posted. If you have anything important to pass on, you can leave it in the comments and Cyneris will pass it on to me, or, you can go to our IRC and leave me a !tell.

    Anyway, i just wanted to stop by to explain myself before you all murder poor Cyneris. Look forward to the new post in a few days!


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