Name Change and TLC credits

Having a ‘major’ change in the first round of releases, things sure do happen quickly :p

Thank you to Thirn, who posted on reddit, for pointing out that the name “Andre” should actually be “Andrei” or “Andrey” since those are the proper Russian names. I’ll be changing his name to “Andrei” in the posted chapters and using it with the future releases.

While I’m thanking people this is a good chance to finally properly give credit to those who TLC’d for these releases! So a big thanks to NanoDesu himself for TLCing everything that you guys have read so far. He helped out with everything up to Chapter 3.

And moving forward from there, Chapter 4 and onward will be TLC’d by none other than the editor of this series, Kuro-pi!

I greatly appreciate their help through all of this, it’s been a much smoother ride than I would have anticipated.

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