Vermillion Scheduling

Hi all, just giving you guys the plan for what the releases will be coming out. I’ll be doing small releases in three day intervals until Chapter 2 is complete. Once that ends the normal schedule will start. Rather than having a release once a week, I’ll have a bit larger releases every other week.

I hope you all don’t mind this and keep reading the story, happy reading!

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6 thoughts on “Vermillion Scheduling

  1. Yay! Set release dates :D. Honestly I prefer quality over speed, and the last two chapters you’ve released are great ^^. Keep up the good work! Thanks for translating!


  2. Sweet! Can we get a blog post every chapter?
    I love this series, but one of my only peeves about an ND project is that you have to check for releases manually instead of being able to look at your feed.


    • I can do a blog post for the updates. Though to prevent them from littering the feeds I’ll be deleting the older one in favor of the new one.

      If I forget to do this for any of the releases from now on please give me a friendly reminder! ^^


  3. can you make the chapter here easily accessible? It was really hard for me to search the chapter and I have to resolve to Novel Updates to search for the chapter I wanted to read


    • All chapters are in the top navigation bar and labeled as “Chapter X-Y”. Where X is the chapter and Y is the part (if a chapter has more than one part to it).


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